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Viewing Pictures- Instructions

I am sure there is an easier way to set up these pics to be viewed but until I can figure it out here is what I would do.  Click on the picture from the post. It will take you to flikr.  On the left of the page you will see this picture again (it is the bottom most picture of the two that are on the left side) and next to it it will say this picture belongs to set….. There will be a little icon that when you hold the cursor over it will say, “view as slide show.”  Click there.  It will load the pics as a slide show.  If you click on the picture as it is going through the slide show it will show you the comments I made for each picture.  Post if this is not clear and I will try to make it more understandable. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Sloan May 2007



Here are a few pics of Sloan

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Our House

Our House

Our House,

Here are three pictures of our house and surrounding area.

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Great Grandpa Scandrett’s May 2007 Visit

May2007 020

Great Grandpa Scandrett’s Visit

We loved having Great grandpa Scandrett here for a visit. The boys loved all the attention he gave them.

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Sean May 2007

Sean's Bike

Sean’s Bike,

Here are a few pictures of Sean from this last month. Enjoy! Isn’t he a looker?

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GG Armstrong April 2007 Visit

Nanny D and Papa T

Nanny D and Papa T,

We had lots of fun with the Armstrong Grandparents when they came in April to visit. They even brought the Great Granparents as well. These are Brandon’s parents and grandparents.

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I have been a mom for almost three years now, actually three+ if you count the time I was pregnant with Sloan.  I was taking care of the little one so I think it counts.  Anyway, these three years have taught me so much about who I am.  They have been years of change, exciting years and I anticipate as our family continues to grow and change life will continue to bring great adventures.

Mostly I wanted to say in this post a big thank you to the “moms” in my life. 

All of the moms in my small group in Shelton (Jen, Lisa K, Lori, Leah, Lisa H, Patty) whom I watched with their kids before I had mine and whom I ran to and still run to with questions about being a mom.  Thank you for investing in my life, encouraging me and showing me how to be a mom.

There are moms every where in my life who have encouraged me and set examples for me even when they didn’t know I was watching and in fact often I didn’t even know I was watching (Kaylee, Sarah, Kathy D, Maggie R, Leslie Mc, MOPS moms, church moms, Katie G, Susan).

And a HUGE big hug and thank you to the moms in my family who have been models of wonderful moms. My Aunt’s, Ann, Sally, Vicky, Bette, are fabulous moms and great examples.  My Grandma Bonnie who gave me my mom and is an example of dedication, steadfastness, and who raised 4 great kids do go on and have great kids and so on………. Moms do change the world.  Thank you to my Grandma Dorothy who gave me my dad and demonstrated passion and creativity in all she did.

To my grandma’s in law Grandma Armstrong and Grandma Mathis who gave me my wonderful in laws Terry and Diane.  THank you for raising wonderful people who have impacted my life.

Last but truly not least, I want to say happy mother’s day to my wonderful mom, Linda and my fabulous mother-in-law, Diane.  You are both awesome moms.  I am so thankful that I have you in my life to watch, to talk to, and to run to when I need help.  I love you both so much and wish you a wonderful Mother’s day.  I am sad that we can not be there to celebrate with you, but I am thinking of you today, knowing that I would not even be half the mom I am without the influence of the two of you in my life.

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