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Doing Brother Stuff

Here are some pictures of the coolest brothers in Utah. Although we fight some times we really do love each other.

Since we found out we were pregnant with a boy (Sean) we have been praying that they would be best friends. While the going can be rough sometimes, we can already see it beginning. Sloan can be very serious and he likes his stuff the way it is. Everything has it’s place. He has a few “special” toys that are not to be messed with unless you have his ok. This is sometimes difficult when you have a little brother who wants to be just like you and who also really likes to see your reaction when he takes something. I don’t think it has taken Sean very long to realize that he can really get his brother going by just touching his “special” dinosaur. While Sloan likes to play by himself sometimes and sit quietly and read…. Sean is the opposite. He always wants to be with you. Being with you doesn’t mean he is sitting quietly on your lap, it means that he is with/on/jumping from you. He is constantly on the go. He loves to check stuff out. He loves to watch his brother and then try to do what he does. Which is why he took a header off the couch when trying to jump off like Sloan. And why he fell head first into the tub fully clothed when he saw the toys floating around. He wants to be doing and if he isn’t in the process of “doing” something, he is in the process of planning to do something.
All of the pictures you will see here are of the two boys doing something together. We spend a lot of time at the Daybreak splash pad. It is beach entry and only gets a foot and a half deep. It’s perfect for the boys. The first day we were there Sean walked in before I could change him into a swimming suit. Sloan on the other hand had to walk around and watch for a while before joining in. Now he is a little fish. He is holding his breath underwater, swimming with boggles (goggles) and jumping off the side. Sean likes to sit on my feet as I dangle them over the side. I really think he views the world as his domain.  Watch out world the Armstrong boys are here! These are two great boys full of life and energy. I can’t even begin to describe how much we love them and love watching them grow, learn and experience life around them. Wish you were here to see them.  Enjoy the photos. If you view as a slide show and then click on the little arrow in the middle of the first picture, you can see some of my comments about the pictures.
Love to you all!


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I know that most things are not really in our hands to begin with.  I am constantly grasping at the tentative strings of life trying to keep them under my control and in my firm grip.  Isn’t it funny how you can think that things are under your control until one day you realize that there is nothing more you can do but wait on God.  Funny I usually don’t start out there.  Waiting on God seems to be the ending point or the last resort for me not the jumping off point. 

 So here we are……..  the last piece of adoption paperwork has been turned in.  I dropped the boys off at a friends house today and picked Brandon up at work to go turn in our Citizen and Immigration Paperwork.  Basically, this government agency gets to say whether we are allowed to bring a child into this country.  For some reason, as we sat waiting for them to call us back, I was really nervous.  It’s as if I am giving the life of my child into the hands of strangers.  I know that we will be approved but the control thing just freaks me out.  They called my name and we handed over 10 hours of paperwork in 5 minutes. Paid our 654+/- a few dollars and went to get our fingerprints taken.  This was pretty cool.  No more ink.  It was all done by touch on a computer.  The gal taking Brandon’s fingerprints had to keep spraying his hands with water because his skin was so dry (good old Utah weather for you-  I think it’s 100 degress today).  The gal taking mine told me I had “working” hands- lots of scars.  It was pretty cool to instantly be able to see each ridge mark and scar in full detail.  We left and got lunch and all I could think was it is in your hands God.  Probably where I should have let it be in the first place.  But what can I say… I am a slow learner.  But learning I am.

 The CIS paperwork can take up to 90 days, so please pray with us that God’s will be done and if it be His will that it would be done in record time.  We are not able to receive a referral until we have CIS approval.  Continue to pray for our child/ren in Ethiopia.  We can’t wait to have “them?” home.

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Adoption Pictures



These are the family pictures we sent in with our dossier.  Double click on the picture and it will take you to the flikr website.  Click on the view as slide show icon next to the second picture on the right hand side of the screen.

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Nanny and Poppa’s Visit

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Nanny Poppa’s Visit

My parents came to visit a couple of weekends ago and I don’t think I have posted since then. We had a really nice time. We went to the Zoo, the pool, celebrated my parents anniversary and my dad’s birthday and just generally hung out together. It was so good to see them. I thought I would post some of the pictures. My dad posted some of these on his site but I have added a few more.

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On the Road Again…….

I am so excited….. after a few slow months waiting on the finances and the paperwork for our adoption….. we have finally taken the next step.  I turned in the dossier (paperwork consisting of birth certificates, mariage licenses, letters stating why we want to adopt, financial statements, doctor’s ok, and recommendations) today.  Infact, I got to the copy place with about 5 minutes to get the dossier copied and in the mail before the DHL guy got there to pick it up.  The Office Max people were awesome and the DHL guy actually waited while we finished up the copying. 

So AGCI, our agency, should receive the paperwork tomorrow by noon. 

I can’t tell you what a load has lifted.  My part of the process is for the most part done and now we are just waiting.  We are continuing to pray that God would give our agency wisdom as they look for a child or children for us and that He would continue to provide the finances to enable us to continue to move ahead. 

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We had a really neat experience the weekend before last I want to share with you.  As many of you know we are in the middle of an adoption from Ethiopia.  Well, on Friday I received an email from our adoption agency (everyone in the program did).  In this email our socialworker was highlighting three older children that are currently at thier orphanage in Addis Abab, Ethiopia.  If they aren’t adopted soon they will have to return to the government run orphange.  Anyway, I was ready the email, looking at the pictures of the two 7 year old girls and the 5 year old boy and thinking, “What if God has one of these kids for us.”  We have been planning all along to adopted an infant and maybe when our kids are older we would adopted an older child.  Brandon had been pretty firm about wanting to keep the birth order of our current children, especially keeping Sloan as our older child.

Anyway, I went downstairs and tentatively brought it up with Brandon and surprisingly he was pretty receptive and actually pretty moved about the 5 year old boy.  We talked about it almost constantly that weekend and prayed about it a lot.  I really felt like God was telling me that Brandon needed to make this decision since he was the one most concerned about the birth order thing.  We talked about the difference between doing a “good” thing and doing the “right” thing.  By Monday he still didn’t feel like God had given him an answer, but I could tell he was leaning towards not doing it.  I called AGCI that Monday afternoon and was told that one of the girls and the little boy had both been spoken for over the weekend.  What a blessing! 

I know you are wondering what this has to do with us ….. so here it is……  God answers prayer.  He doesn’t always answer in the way we want him to but he always answers in the best way.  We were really willing to step out of our original plan and go for this boy if that is what God wanted and in my hurry to make a decision and do a “good” thing I wanted to push Brandon and God into my way of thinking.  Thankfully God is bigger than me and can’t be pushed around.  He provided an answer for us and also provided a home for the boy.  However, the whole weekend of discussion and prayer led us to change our thoughts about what God might have planned for us.  We have decided to request an infant boy, twins, or a sibling group up to three years of age. Our first choice is a baby boy, but we are willing to take a sister or brother that might come along with the baby. 

I am so thankful that God knows our hearts and he knows what is in our best interest.  I am so excited to see who he has in store for us.  One???? Two?????  Pray for us!

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Sean’s Slippers

Sean's Slippers

Sean’s Slippers,

The boys came accross these slippers the other day and had a fun morning running around “nakey,” as Sloan calls it.  I love to watch them play together.  It is especially fun to watch how much Seany Angel wants to be like his brother.  If Sloan is doing it, Sean wants to also.  Enjoy the pics.

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