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Performing a “Canyon Paul”

So, last night I was getting dinner ready and was quite distracted, meaning I wasn’t altogether aware what the boys were doing. Anyway, it was pretty quiet and I didn’t even notice. Pretty soon, I heard the sound of thuds and grunts coming from the livingroom along with Sloan yelling, “Canyon Paaaaaauuuulllll!” I looked through the cut out between the kitchen and living room and saw Sloan launching himself onto the pile of cushions from the couch now on the floor. He was diving spread eagle, landing on his stomach and shouting Canyon Paul as he jumped through the air. It took me quite a while to figure out what he was say. I even asked him, “Are you saying, Canyon Paul?” “Yeah!” he relied. Finally, it dawned on he was meaning cannon ball! He must have heard somebody say it while they were jumping off the side of the pool and thought they were saying Canyon Paul. By the way, Canyon is my cute little, one year-old nephew whom Sloan just loves and talks about all the time, especially since we just saw them a week ago.

Aren’t kids great. Check out the pictures of the boys jumping skills. I know I probably shouldn’t let them jump off the couch, but their boys and it was pretty darn funny. Wish you could have been there.

Click on the picture to see more.

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Blog Community

As you will notice I have updated my blog to include links to a lot more sites.  They include people I know who have blogs, people I feel like I know, but don’t actually, and websites that I frequent or thought you might be interested in related to adoption and Ethiopia.

The online community is amazing and offers so much in the way of information that I almost can’t take it all in.  The blogging community has an intricate way of connecting people who have never met, but may have something in common.  For example, through my best buddy Jenn’s blog, I met my new friend Natalie, who is also adopting from Ethiopia, through her I found the Ethiopia or Bust blog and from there I found the Full House, Full Hands, Full Hearts, the list could go on and on with the names of people I have never met, but who are providing me with support and information regarding adoption in general and Ethiopian adoption in particular.  

If you have never tried blogging you might find out it has something to offer you.  WordPress and BlogSpot offer free services that are easy to start and maintain.  Or maybe start with checking out some of the bloggers I have mentioned and follow the trail from there….. you never know where it might lead.

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What’s Next?

Thanks so much for all of the excitement and encouragement we have received over the last few days regarding our new little man.  I wish I could post his pics for you because he is so beautiful.  Believe me…….

Well, here is where we stand so far in the process.

1.  The Ethiopian courts take the months of August and September off, which means that nothing “legal” can really be done on our case until they open back up on October first.  So we are at least looking at two months on the short side before we can go get him.

2.  Our dossier (packet of documents) is currently in Ethiopia or en-route to Ethiopia.. Where it will be translated in to Amharic (Ethiopian language).  I am not completely sure what else needs to be done with it, but all that can be done will be in-order to process quickly through the courts when they open in October.

3.  We are currently awaiting Citizen and immigration approval.  So far we have been waiting 5 weeks and the average is around 12.  We are hopeful that it will be earlier (like tomorrow).  Please pray with us as we wait.  This must be done before the courts open or we will be waiting that much longer. 

4.  “E” is currently in our agencies orphanage where he is receiving loving care from his Special mothers.  Our program director just returned from Ethiopia and was able to tell me a little more about him on Friday.  She said that he is healthy and responsive. Hopefully, we will learn more as our friends go to pick up their daughter this next week.  She told us that she will take lots of pictures and check him out for us. I told her to give him lots of hugs and kisses from all of us.

4.  Our family went to build a bear this weekend and made “E” a bear.  Brandon and I recorded our voices so that he will get to hear that.  Sloan is really getting into this big brother thing.  He sleeps with the bear during nap so he will smell like him and we sleep with the bear at night so he will smell like us.  We are also sending “E” a blanket and a baby picture book with our pictures in it.  We know that it might not making any difference to him, but it helps us.  I was hugging the bear last night and had a real sense of holding my son.  I think I will have a hard time parting with the bear.

That is all I know for now.  Check back for updates and please pray for swift moving with our Immigration paperwork.

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Referral Day

So, after putting the boys down for a much need nap, I was getting down to the business of taking a break myself.  I had just turned on the tv to watch a Law and Order rerun for a “brain break” when the phone rang.  I looked at caller ID and it said AGCI (All God’s Children-our adoption agency).  Julie our case manager usually calls on Tuesday, but I didn’t really think anything of it.  We exchanged pleasantries and then she said, “Well, I have some really exciting news for you and Brandon. ” So by then I was wondering what the heck is going on.  “Ok,” I said.  With a ton of excitement in her voice she went on to tell me, “We have a referral of a 7 month little boy for you.”  His name is “E”(to protect his privacy I can not give out his name), he was born on _____________(sorry can’t printthis info) he is so beautiful.”        At this point all I could say was, “Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?”  You see, AGCI usually doesn’t give referrals until your immigration paperwork is back and ours isn’t.  Brandon and I weren’t expecting a referral until September at the soonest.  So needless to say, I was blown away.  She went on to give me more information, but I have to be honest I wasn’t really listening (I mean, I was, but…. you know). All I wanted was to see some pictures and to tell Brandon (who was at work).  A son!

WE HAVE A NEW SON! It doesn’t matter that we we have only seen pictures of him or that his last name isn’t Armstrong (yet), all that matters is that God has given him to us and us to him forever. Isn’t God amazing.  It seems like God usually answers my prayers with a wait. I think He is enjoying building patience in me.  But for some reason He decided to bless us earlier and with even more than we could ever imagine.  Thanks be to God. 

We are supossed to take time and think about it, but as Brandon said, “What’s there to think about? This is God’s plan and gift to us.”  I am so excited about what is in store for our family. 

At this point I can not post any pictures of our little boy, baby “E”, but I can tell you he is absolutely gorgeous (he will fit right in with the amazing biological boys God has already given us).  Once he is legally ours I will be able to post a picture and more info, but until then………… you have to learn patience just like me.

In the next posts I will explain the next step in the process and update you on ways you can help.  For now… join us in offering praise to our God and praying for our “E.”

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