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Traci sent this email to us (her parents) and asked me to put it up on her blog, so here it is:

So we made it with ease on Saturday morning.  All of our bags made it in one piece.  Brandon only knocked over the huge pile once.  The Ethiopians thought it was pretty funny.  Brandon didn’t think so.  The drivers met us at the airport and took us to the Union Hotel and then on to meet our kids.  The hotel is wonderful., much nicer then I expected.  We met two of the families that are traveling with us on the airplane and we have all hit it off.  There is something bonding about this experience.  We are having an amazing experience with each other.  I am so thankful that God saw too it that we would have such great traveling partners. 


So….. Eyob is beautiful, much smaller than I thought and they shaved off all of his hair about a week ago.  He was at the front gate when we got there but I didn’t recognize him.  I have to be honest… this part of the trip has been really hard.  Eyob is SOOOO bonded with two of his special mothers (who love him) and the guard Tomie.  He yells Ta, Ta (Tomie) anytime we take him away.  I cried when I held him for the first time and so did he and he really hasn’t stopped around us since.  We are taking it slow and trying not to take it personally.  We take him with us when we go out but he won’t eat or sleep with us.  It is really hard, but we know that God has planned this boy for us.  Please pray hard that he will accept us preferably before the ride home.  It breaks our hearts to see him so sad, but Almaz (the amazing director says)  while these people love him this is not as good as a family.  He is meant for us.  Almaz keeps assuring me that I am the perfect mother for him.  Don’t worry…. About us…. I have decided that I am just going to enjoy the trip, love on kids and spend time with the amazing families that we are here with , and hold Eyob when he will let us and not stress about the bonding.  It will come.  I can’t ask enough for prayer for him… he is grieving….. and so are the people here who love him.


All in all we are having a fabulous time.  Please give my blond boys big hugs and tell them that we love and miss them.  We are dividing  and sorting the donations it is like Christmas around here.  We gave each of the kids a match box car from Sloan and they are all outside playing.  It is like one big family here.  Big kids helping little.  So precious.  Everyone…. There are more than enough kids for all of you….. 19 babies alone at HH.  Adopt people…..


When we know more we will post it here.  We have had no phone calls as yet.  Thanks for praying for them.

Linda and Greg Scandrett

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For Eyob


As I laid in bed this AM not sleeping of course, because that would be too much to ask for, I started to think about what Eyob will know about this time when he gets older. Will he want to hear about the frantic packing and planning we did before we went to get him? Will he want to know about our trip? Will he want to know how we felt and what we thought about as we waited for him this last year? I think he will. It will be his “birth story” if you will. His birth into our family. So I am trying to write it down, not just on the blog but on paper so I don’t forget it.
One of the things I have read, while reading about adoption this year, is that it is very important for adoptees to feel like they are a part of the extended family even if something were to happen to their parents. Often they do not have the same sense of security in their extended family and friends network that biological children in the same family do. They often grow up worried about what would happen to them if their parents were to die. So lets start right now helping Eyob feel secure in our family. Would you help me?????

Here’s what I need……. would any and all of you who read and feel led please comment to this post about Eyob and what you are thinking and feeling about his adoption. Welcome him home and tell him how he is going to be a part of your life. Even if you are far away you are still a part of the network of friends and family in our lives and Eyob needs to know that you will be there for him as well. Even if it is only a sentence or two with your name. Maybe a scripture verse or a prayer you have for him. And even if you don’t know our family please add your thoughts. I will print this out when we get home and add them to his book. How wonderful for him to know the love of extended family and friends.

If you don’t feel comfortable posting this on the blog you mail email them directly to me at btarms@hotmail.com. Please be brave in posting just a few sentences for this beautiful brown-eyed boy!

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First Round Donations

So I know I have been pretty silent on the blogging front for two weeks. But I haven’t been just sitting around. The first two days after finding out we would be traveling in two weeks, I just sat around and stared (for the most part). I told Brandon I need to make a list and get started, but for those two days I was two overwhelmed to even start on the list. Then saturday I compiled two packing lists from two different people who have traveled to Ethiopia and also made a list of all the things I wanted/needed to get done before we go. I say wanted/needed because what I think needs to be done (i.e. oven cleaned) Brandon just thinks is a want. All you ladies who have ever gone through pre-birth/adoption nesting know what I am talking about. The normal wants really do become needs. I was planned for going in January so I had to hurry up with my list. My packing list was 200 items long and YES I think I have everything. Finally!

The other thing I have been doing is collecting, packing, unpacking, and repacking donations that the wonderful women in my MOPS group have donated. They really came through with everything from clothes and shoes to shampoo and vitamins. They are amazing and have gotten behind us 100 percent. I am so thankful that they have caught the vision. So we will be taking over 4 suitcases/duffles full of donations for the orphanage. This puts us over the bag limit by two bags. These two bags are going to cost us 575 dollars, which, Praise God, has been donated by the women in MOPS as well.

I wish I could tell you all the things that have been going through my mind these last days. I haven’t slept much, I waffle between excited and sick to my stomach. I can’t think about anything but going and yet my heart is already hurting from missing my blond boys. I walk through Target collecting items to give to the special mothers and I cry realizing how little I am actually doing and how much more I wish I could do and give. My heart is already breaking with the thought of all we are going to experience. Through it all… at the end of it all… is a precious little boy, who doesn’t know his life is going to change, waiting for us. My heart is full. Praise the name of the Lord forever and ever, for HE ALONE has all wisdom and power! Yes and Amen!

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Here are all the pictures we have so far. Click on the picture then under the heading Eyob Mark Armstrong (do not click on the one that says photostream or you will see  all our pictures) you will see a little camera click on that and it should take you to a slide show.  If you click on the middle of one of the pictures, during the slide show, it should bring up all the comments I made.

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He’s Ours


 Eyob Mark Armstrong

What a truly amazing day yesterday was……  Let me tell you the story….Yesterday was a pretty big MOPS event and so all morning I was busy  coordinating it.  At noon when the boys and I were finally on our way home, I noticed that Brandon had texted me a couple of times, “CALL ME!!  So not thinking anything I called, half expecting him to ask me what was for dinner but…… the first thing he said is, “We have him. We have a date.”  At first I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. Then he said, “Julie called and we need to be in Ethiopia on the 26th.”  I was totally shocked.  “What??? You mean Eyob is ours!?” I yelled into the phone.  Anyway… God miraculously got us through court at the end of last week or the beginning of this week and they were not going to tell us until they found out if we could travel with this next group.  And we can.  We just bought our plane tickets.  We travel from SLC to Wash. DC on Nov 22, stay over night and then we leave from DC on November 23 to Addis Ababa (with a quick refuel in Rome).  We will return on December 1st. 

Since the middle of last week I have been trying to rest in the knowledge that God’s plan is perfect and I had really let go of my need and desire to have Eyob home by Christmas and was prepared to wait until Janurary or longer if that was what God wanted. 

I am overwhelmed with God’s timing.  I wonder if he wasn’t just waiting for me to truly rest in His will before he let anything else happen.  Anyway, we are rejoicing today!  Pray with us as we have soooo much to do in what amounts to 2 weeks.

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the life

Check out the new blog by my cousin Katie…  she is quite the gal… currently in North Carolina with a mission organization called SIM.  She is getting the training she needs in preparation for heading overseas next year.

Pray that God would strategically place her in the country He wants her in. 

I can’t wait to hear Katie’s “notes from the field”.

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Halloween 2007

Halloween107 004

Halloween 2007

Halloween was pretty fun this year with both boys being able to participate. We went to a friends house for a pre-trick or treating party for the parents- soup and wine- and then we took the kids out. The older kids Sloan’s age and up just ran from house to house. Sean, with help from Dad, drug his little bag from house to house. It was amazing how quickly he got the drill down. He would get to the door, behind the other kids, hold out his bag and then say thank you in sign language. He was so happy. He wouldn’t let us carry him the whole night, if we tried, he would shake his head and say, “wa! Wa!” Translated means, “Walk! Walk!” Both boys were exhausted on the ride home but to hopped up on sugar to care. It was so cute to see them dump out their bags on the floor and check out their stash.. Sean now knows a new word..”Canny.” Surprise surprise.

The cookie pictures are from our small group get together. We all made different soups and just pigged out. Lot’s of fun! We are so thankful that God has provided friends for us here, even though we still miss the ones back “home.” Enjoy the pics.

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I think that all of my life I have viewed God as a vending machine… I put in my prayers and he is obligated to pop out what I asked for.  What a child I am…..  I think about what my prayers have consistenly been the last few months…… a few praises, a confession or two and then a HUGE list of please God gimme gimme…. I know that God wants me to ask, He wants me to bring to Him my desires, but I have to be ok with Him not giving me what I ask for or in the timing that I want.  I think I am really getting that right now.  If it is true that He alone has all wisdom then it means that I DON’T!  I might think that having E by Thanksgiving is the best thing, but really God Alone knows.

Anyway… I have been challenged this week to pray the Praise of Daniel (that I mentioned last post) constantly during my prayer time and through out the day. I have been challenged (by God) to set aside my requests (at this point he knows my heart) and focus on praising Him for who He is.  It is helping…. I am feeling less anxious, less need for total control. Below are some of the things I have been praying… Try it, maybe you will experience some freedom from the worries and stresses you have in your life.  Together we can leave them in God’s powerful Hands.

Praise the name of God forever and ever, for HE ALONE is….

…..worthy of praise

…..in control of ALL things

……sets orphans in families

……mighty to save

…..knows the begining and the end




…..my rock and redeemer

…..perfect in who He is an dall he does or doesn’t do

…..able to do anything

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I have been putting off this update for a week because I couldn’t bring myself to acknowledge it and writing it down made it too real….

 As you know Ethiopian courts opened on October 1st and on that day I officially started to get impatient.  When the courts were closed I knew there was NO chance of anything happening so I just sat back and dreamed about it all.  Well, with the courts open so did the opportunity for something to actually move forward.  Even though they told us to prepare for 3-5 months (I know!!!)  I have been holding out hope… So far that I know of NOONE has had to wait that long.  So each day I wait… I should say WE wait and usually by noon when there is no call (ET is 7 hours ahead of us)  we are resigned to go another day with no news. 

Well, last week we did actually get news that 4 families from our agency  had made it through court and they should be traveling in the next month.  We were not one of those families, even though we were probably one of the top 3 families (timewise) submitted.  AGCI submits our files to the court in the order that they are received.  It turns out that the ET courts pick randomly from the files submitted; they do not go in order received.  I have to admit that I was crushed.  I am happy for the families that got through, some only waitied a little over a month) and it is nice to know that the courts are moving, but I was really frustrated with God that day.  It is my nature, if not human nature, to want things to work the way I  want them to.  I know this is a common thread throughout my posts, I know….. Obviously, God is trying to show me something about myself….

I am learning, really I am…. here is are the verses God is helping me to work in to my life to hold me up and remind me that HE is in charge and HE knows.

 These verses are from Daniel-  It is the prayer of praise that he lifts up to the Lord after God reveals the kings dream to him…

Daniel 2:20

Praise the name of God forever and ever, for he alone has all wisdom and power.  He detmines the course of world events; he removes kings and sets other on the throne.  he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars.  He reveals deep and mysterious things and knows what lies hidden in the darkness, though he himself is surrounded by light.  I thank and praise you, God of my ancestors, for you have given me wisdom and strength. You ahve told me wht we asked of you and revealed to us what the king demanded. 

So this week as I have struggled, yet again, with “Why Lord?” and as I have come to Him in prayer really unable to even speak to Him and afraid to ask again for E to be home soon and our papers to go through….. I have been reminded that HE ALONE has all wisdom and power.  He wants me to remember that and to live in that reality….. This is my new “mantra”  ..”PRAISE THE NAME OF GOD FOREVER AND EVER, FOR HE ALONE  ……… (add your own words here)..
God knows what I need……
Keep praying with us and for us……

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