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Sloan, Sean, Eyob

Eyob, Sean, Sloan

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Here are some updated pictures of my boys.

 Today has been a good day.  Eyob took two naps!  One actually by himself.  Which is progress.  I wrapped Santa gifts and got laundry done and the boys didn’t fight too much.  Eyob seems happy and that is good. Our nights are still pretty hard, with both Eyob and Sean waking up off and on.  So keep us in your prayers for that particularily.  Thank you for praying for us in general.  I hope to update the blog with info about our trip tomorrow.  I thought I would get to it today, but no such luck.  Thought you would want to see the boys more anyway. 

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For Brandon…..

Today is our 12th anniversary and in the past 14 years we have known each other we have weathered more than most peope do in the lifetime of their relationship.  Most of which would have destroyed any marriage, but we are still standing and getting stronger.  I married the right man for me.  He is the only man who could have lasted this long with this woman. 

So in honor of our 12 years of marriage….. here are 12 things I love about Brandon:

1.  He is a wonderful, hands-on dad, who strives to be the best he can be for his boys. 

2.  He is kind-hearted and honest about how he feels.

3.  He understands me and the way I do things, knowing that I often have to take the hard way. 

4.  He always strives to make our marriage better.

5.  He truly wants the best for me.

6.  He is a hard worker.

7.  He is a dreamer and a risk taker who has encouraged this non-dreamer, non-risk taker to do more of both. 

8.  He is a man who longs to know God more intimately.

9.  He will sacrifice his choice in most cases to go with my choice.

10.  He values me as an equal partner in our marriage and listens to what I think.

11.  He is almost always willing to change to make our relationship work.

12.  He loves his family more than anything.

Brandon, I am thanking God for you today, especially as we have walked through yet another “difficult” situation and are coming out better on the other side.  I am glad that we have “stuck” it out and I look forward to the next adventure we take together.

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Well, we have been home almost two weeks now and I think we have really turned a corner.  We started out with a really unhappy boy who had two ear infections, what I believe was lactose problem, giahardia, and just a poor little heart that was lost…. and now it appears we have found a sweet, mostly happy, almost healthy little man.  Praise God. 

 These past few weeks have been really hard and left us wondering if we had misunderstood God’s call to adopt.  Eyob was sick, we were sick and tired, and Sean was sick and feeling misplaced… I think Sloan was the only one who has made it through in one piece.  He was excited to see us and his new brother and he has been a real trooper.  I think that I was dealing with a little post-adoption depression, but maybe it was just jetlag along with a real spiritual valley after coming off of such an intense few weeks.  This adoption was the culmination of  many months of prayer and planning and to have it over was kind-of shocking to me and in some ways disappointing.  Anyway, Brandon has been a rock for me.  Thank the Lord, he has been home on paternity leave.  He has held me up while I have gotten my feet back under me, he has changed more of Eyob’s dirty diapers than me, fed more late night bottles than me and reassured me countless times that Eyob will relax, our family is going to be alright and that this was the right thing to do.   He has been right. 

Almaz (Hannah’s Hope director) was right. She told me that two weeks from when we left, we probably won’t even be able to recognize the child we first met in Ethiopia.  Eyob is smiling more, crawling up the stairs after his brothers, he is ok being down on the floor by himself (most of the time), he plays peek-a-boo and claps his hands.  All of which he either, didn’t know how to do or was to afraid to do or to sick to want to when we first met him.  He has a great little laugh and a beautiful smile.  Things are now mostly hard because we have three little boys and where once I had a pretty good schedule going, I know have to start over.  My “free time” is mostly gone (hopefully, just for now) and our bedroom is not our own, but God is proving faithful in not giving us more than what we can handle.  I don’t know why that is so hard to remember in the middle of what you are handling but…….

This morning Brandon and I just looked at each other and laughed….. Eyob was hitting Sean, Sean was say, “No! No! baby!” and hitting him back and SLoan was whining about something….. we are truly outnumbered, out matched, but hanging by a thread and trying to enjoy the ride that these three boys are taking us on.

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Handome Devil
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Well……. we are finally home and I actually am feeling a little more like myself today.  That flight home really kicked our butts.  If my parents weren’t here helping us out I don’t know what we would be doing right now.  We left Ethiopia on Friday night clean, with high hopes and excitement and arrived in SLC on Saturday quite a bit dirtier, sleep deprived and wondering what the HECK we had gotten ourselves into. 

The story is kind-of a long sordid one so I may leave out a few of the poop details, but let me start back a little…….

Eyob, as you know from the last post, pretty much wanted nothing to do with us from the day he met us.  Much to our distress he tried to get out of our arms any time we held him and looked for anyway to avoid us.  So as I said before we decided to let him be, hang out around him and just enjoy our time in ET.  Well, that went pretty well, I had some really hurt over this not being the adoption experience I had dreamed about since I was a little girl and spent some time crying over it. Our travel group was AWESOME!!  (I miss them a ton right now) and Almaz kept telling us that God had picked this little boy for us. That we were the ones for him and so we choose to believe.  Because we hadn’t taken him with us for the week like the other families our first real time with Eyob alone was on our way to the airport. He did pretty good.  I think he was a little more use to us by then.  But standing at the ticket counter in Ethiopia the fun began. 

I was holding Eyob facing me, in the cool ERGO baby carrier that my MOMS club friends gave me, when all of a sudden I felt wet and warm.  I smelled a little too.    I looked down and E had vomited all over me.  I was soaked to the skin with vomit and he was still going.  Even my shoes didn’t escape………  I had one change of clothes so I put that on and then we went to the gate to wait… no problems there….. However on the plane, he proceeded to vomit all over Brandon, scream, have diarrhea all over both of us, most often when the fasten the seat belt light came on, and scream some more.  This is the part where we began to wonder what God had gotten us into.  Think about it from E’s perspective.  Two white people he doesn’t particularly like, far from the people he does like, a plane full of strangers…. sounds like a stressful environment for a kid.  By the way this was just on the flight form Addis Ababa to Rome (5 hours).  We still had 17 more to go.  To make a long story short we were shell shocked and scared.  I spent a lot of time crying on the plane, Brandon just kept reassuring me that we were going to be ok.  For those of you who know Brandon, you know that he HATES to be sticky, you would be impressed with how well he handled the poo and the vomit.

When we finally got to DC we bought some new Washington DC shirts applied a little deo for the BO and hoped for a little peace.  The flight to Atlanta was ok, just a little poo. Randomly saw one of my MOPS mentor moms at the gate….. That flight was the best of all.  Eyob actually slept, but as we were about 20 minutes away we noticed a slight smell, looked down and realized that because of the position he was sleeping in he had gotten poo from neck to feet.  What fun!!!!!! 

My mom and the boys met us at the airport.  It was so good to see my blond boys.  I missed them so much, especially when I was getting such rejection from my new son.  They were so excited to see their new brother.  Eyob checked them out, but by that time he was exhausted and stressed out beyond what he could probably bear.  Poor guy.  He hated the car-seat and screamed the whole way home.  Sloan and Sean kept looking at me like, “who is this kid?”  Sloan kept trying to touch him and tell him, “It’s ok brother.  Don’t cry.” and Sean kept saying, “SHHHHHH!” 

I tell you all this to let you know why I haven’t posted.  That day was one of the longest of my life, both emotionally and physically.  And we have spent the last few days recovering. Thank you to all of you who have been praying, we have needed it and still do.

I have also been scared to write because right now this is all so hard and emotionally taxing.  I don’t want to say that I am regretting anything, but more that I am having to lean into the Lord in a new way, in a way I didn’t expect.  I have dreamed of this since I was a little girl and it is hard when dreams come true and they haven’t turned out the way you thought they would. I thought I had prepared myself, but nothing can prepare you for what a new life will bring to a family.  I am trusting the Lord that His plan is perfect and again He alone has all wisdom and power. 

I will be posting about our trip over the next few days and keeping you updated on how things are going as well.  I can’t wait to tell you about the awesome friends we made, the amazing woman who runs HH ET and the beautiful kids who changed our lives.  The trip home is a huge adoption deterrent but I know we will be back.

By the way, everyday since we have been home we have seen a new side of Eyob.  I also changed his formula to a lactose free formula which has helped a lot too.  I wonder if he didn’t have a stomach ache all the time from the formula he had-been eating.  God is good and this is just the next step in another adventure God has for us.  He looks pretty cute doesn’t he?

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