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you make a plan to leave out some bowls for your salad, but in your packing frenzy you completely ignore the plan and pack everything….. you’re left eating salad out of a pot.  Awesome salad, by the way, but way too much fit in that pan.

I know, not great pictures of the two of us, and just so you don’t think I eat more than Brandon (notice my pan is much fuller than his) , his pan is much bigger than mine (you can’t tell from the picture).

This is what happens when you leave everything out to make delicious mini-quiches for breakfast and realize you packed the bowls and I mean all the bowls.  Yes, that is a red vines tub.  What can I say, we were hungry!

I guess you better pray for me…. hopefully I won’t accidently pack one of the kids.

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yeah that’s right you know how it goes….

Anyway….. I think that God is teaching Brandon and me that the best laid plans are really out of our hands…. Where we are sitting right now with a house full of boxes, getting ready to move back to the Shelton, WA area is not where we had planned to be 4 weeks ago, let alone 6 months ago.  We are realizing now how little we actually have figured out.  We know that we have a job, Praise the Lord.  We know we have a place to stay for free for a month, after that who knows, especially if our house doesn’t sell.  We know that we are leaving next Wednesday and heading west.  We know that the Father loves us, and other than that we really don’t know anything.  As hard as that is, I am far more accepting of it than I would have been 2 years ago.  I am learning to trust in the Father’s love for me even when it feels like what I am experiencing is not good.  As Brandon keeps reminding me, “Don’t you think your Daddy wants to give you every good thing.” So to this I cling as we continue to put the fiishing touches on our packing, say good-bye to some great friends, whom we will really miss, and head out.

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Click on the picture to be taken to flickr….. to see all the pictues in this set, don’t click on the photostream… click on the pictures right below that.  It should say Sayre, Ok set with 76 pictures. 
Thought you might enjoy some more cowboy pics from our trip. 

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Our little Cowboys

My boys are quite taken with cowboys.  SLoan has always loved horses, but since he got his cowboy hat from Big Dave and Heather and Brandon has been letting him watch John Wayne movies he has been more and more fascinated by cowboys.  SO coming to OK has been like a boys dream.  My parents friends and our new friends, the Custers, invited the boys overto their house to ride horses.  It was awesome to see them enjoying themselves so much.  After living in a place with no yard it has been wonderful to watch the boys doing outside stuff and watching the Custer boys play and work outside has made us really want that for our boys….who knows how that will play out for us but… for now here are some pictures of their cowboy adventures.

Could these two brothers be any cuter?  They were watching the cowboys practice roping steer….I guess technically it would be called heading and heeling….. Eyob wasn’t so sure about the horses we had seen earlier in the week, but this day he was totally in to them and not afraid at all.  He has been almost a completely different kid while we have been here.  Definetly a post idea for later (I say that a lot don’t I?)

On the way to the Custer’s place Sloan was talking about how he was going to ride a black horse and so when they put him on Blackie, he couldn’t have been more excited.  Sean and Eyob got to ride around with one of the Custer boys. I was amazed that Eyob got right up there.  Sean enjoyed himself but kept looking for the puppy that was running around.

The boys also got to try their hand a bull riding…. I mean calf riding….

The four wheeler was a big hit too.

Eyob was fussing and trying to get in to the arena where they were roping so the ultimate cowboy, Cody Custer, put him up in the saddle with him.  Eyob loved it!  Later that evening, Cody and his family came over to help celebrate my dad’s birthday and when he walked in Sloan, walked up to him and said, “Hey cowboy!”

On the way home, we stopped at Taco Bell and in front of us in line was an older man, the perfect picture of a cowboy,  Sloan with wide eyes said, “Mom… there’s a cowboy in here!”

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Sayre, Oklahoma- Part 1

I meant to write a post and let you all know we were headed to Oklahoma to visit my parents, but I didn’t have time.  We were trying to get packed, finish up the necessary chores to leave our house ready to “show” while we were gone, and just get out the door in one piece so I forgot to write.  

Well, we are here.  We left last Saturday, drove all day with a brief stop in Moab, a wrong turn somewhere out in the middle of nowhere that cost us some time and my bladder a little pressure, and an ending point in Gallup, NM.  I was surprised how well the boys did in the hotel with us all sleeping together, but they did awesome….they were exhausted.  We got up early on Sunday and drove straight through to Sayre, Ok…arriving around 6 or so.  I think we stopped in Santa Rosa… maybe I got the name wrong, at a park and let the boys play… we ate some bad Subway too….

Anyway, we have spent the week hanging out with Nanny and Poppa, riding horses, calves, golf carts, swatting flies, eating, playing in the pool, talking with the wonderful people of Trinity Fellowship, and really getting a chance to hear from the Father, through the voice of our new friends here.  What an awesome group of people, who show what it means to put relationships over pretty much anything else. We have been accepted as family since we showed up.  We are staying in the “Trinity House,” have been prayed over multiple times by various people, invited over for dinner, encouraged, and much more.  Talking about what we have experienced this week will require more posts, but for now I wanted to make sure that you got some pictures.


  COuple pics from trip down.  We stopped at a park in Moab, UT for a little running around time and lunch.

 THe pool.  Jake, my parents dog, loves having the boys splash at him.  He will get in the water and just bark at them, trying to get them to play with him.

 Nanny and too of her boys…. you can’t pin Eyob down sometimes.


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Sometimes I really hate making decisions…… it seems like that is all I do.  I make decisions for myself, for each of the boys, often times for Brandon and many times a day for the family.  By the end of the day I am pretty much done in, so when Brandon asks me what I want to watch on TV, I think I must just look at him with a blank look on my face.  I imagine myself… eyes glazed over, mouth open, and staring at who knows what…..so this past week and a half as we have made some huge decisions about our future, I find myself at the end of this week needing a bib and a vacation.  A bib to collect the droll that must be coming out of my mouth as I sit almost comatose before the computer and a vacation to recuperate from these last 6 months.

As you may know we have spent the last six months, not only getting to know a new son and trying to figure out how to be a parents to three little boys and how to run a family of five, but also taking a new direction with Brandon’s job.  There have been many ups and downs along the way.  We take a few steps forward with our boys and then seem to find ourselves many feet back. With the job situation it seems like we have walked through many open doors only to find a wall at the end of the hallway.  At this point our plans were to be settled into Brandon’s new “job,” to feel stable as a family of five and well into working our way through the adoption of an older child we met while in Ethiopia (we were just waiting for our six month transition period to end).  But it seems like God has other plans.  One week before our 6 month mark, another family stepped in to adopt this child that we so felt like God was calling to be our child.  We had been praying for her the whole time and imagining her as part of our family.  At the same time many of the opportunities Brandon was “running,” down over the last six months are being met with closed doors, which leads us to a week of huge decisions needing to be made. 

In the last week, we have bought a cheaper car (ever heard of a micro-van?), done numerous around the house fix-it projects, put our house up for sale, interviewed many moving companies and made the decision to pursue a job back in Washington. So there it is….in a strange twist of events…we are headed back to the Northwest. 

I am not sure how I feel about all of this except to say I am in a daze.  Things have happened so fast and so unexpectedly and not at all like we had planned that I don’t quite know what end is up.  I do know that we have risked a lot following the path that we feel God has led us down these last few months and I am tired. Risk is scary and learning to trust in the Lord is hard work… maybe I have made it hard work because I want to hold on to so much of the control.  I do know that so much in the last few months has been uncertain and so to have some certainty before us will be a refreshing change.  Yet leaving is always hard. 


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