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some good….. one not so good.

Burnng computer….not good.

sewingmaching-015  I was burning a candle and I guess one of the boys pushed it a little too close to the computer… so when I pushed the monitor back to take the glare off the screen, I pushed it right over the flame… not long after I smelled something.  Strange, but it registered really fast what it was.  Thankfully, nothing on the computer, aside from the case was damaged. OOPS!


sewingmaching-001     sewingmaching-003

Feeling crafty… I had decided early in October that a couple of the gifts I wanted to give this year were going to need to be sewn.  I don’t have a sewing machine so I planned to use my friend Jenn’s.  But when I was looking for something in one of the closets in our basement home, I noticed a couple sewing machines tucked away. I asked Diane if I could use one.  I need to stop here and tell you that I have only sewn a few times in my life and always with my mom’s help.  She would always wind the bobbin and thread the machine for me so all I had to do was point and sew.  Well, this sewing maching had no thread on the bobbins and the machine itself wasn’t threaded.  So I found the manual online and following the directions I wound the bobbin and threaded the machine myself…. and it even worked.  You would be proud mom. I didn’t even get frustrated.  I didn’t have a pattern for my project ( a couple of bags to hold the gifts I am giving my nephews) so I started out and just did it.  Each one is different and imperfect (hopefully no one looks closely) but it sure felt good to get it done.  It was fast too.  There really is something about successfully tackling something you have always felt really incompetent at.  Lots of things that my mom had told me during our brief sewing sessions came back and I created something out of nothing.

sewingmaching-007  Didn’t realize that the pattern was  going the wrong way until I was already done, but it was so easy I may get some more material and start again, but then again maybe not.  Don’t judge.

sewingmaching-008  Large bag to hold the duplo legos we bought for Sean for Christmas off of ebay… cheap, but with no lego container.

Frugal Dinner……good

I have been really working on cutting back our food budget and trying to use things we have on hand to create our meals.  This months experiment was to make a menu plan for the month shop once and live off of the food for the month.  It worked pretty well and ultimately I think I saved money, but I did have to go to the store every week for things like fruit/veggies and milk.  I didn’t keep track of the specifics so I can’t say for sure about the savings.  I will probably do this again (plan for the month) but I will keep out some money so that each week I can buy the fresh stuff we need.  I really enjoyed having all the meals planned out (I planned 19 dinners, froze some breakfast items, planned lunches) and having all the ingredients on hand allowed me to pick what sounded good that day.  Keep in mind that pretty much all I planned had to be cooked in an electric skillet or in the crockpot.  Having the menu planned kept the stress off of daily needing to come up with something to cook, which is often the worst part of cooking in general.

So on to tonight’s dinner….

sewingmaching-013      BBQ beef sandwiches-  roast was buy one get one free and I cut them in half and frozen them.  Probably 2.00 a half.  BBQ sauce- Free (part of a white elephant gift from B’s christmas party)

sewingmaching-014  Rolls- .89 clearance after Turkey day- frozen/then thawed- still good

sewingmaching-012  2 Cans of green beans- .39 a piece- like my hot plate?

sewingmaching-010  Jello singles with little M&Ms- yes they are in repurposed yogurt containers (I don’t have very many bowls and cups out) – .50 I had a coupon-  M&Ms about .97.  The boys thought it was a fun treat.  Except for Eyob who wouldn’t eat his beans and so didn’t get the dessert.  So that was a pretty cheap and tasty dinner.  Sure it lacked the fresh veggies, but you win some and you lose some. 

All in all, it was a productive day, except for the computer.  See you tomorrow!

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Said I would post everyday so here it is a post.  It is 11:59 pm…… sorry not very interesting… more later. 

**UPDATE**  Looks like it didn’t post on Dec. 5th… my computer clock must be one minute late. But hey it was the effort that counts right?

What we did today-  got up, had coffee (me), played and ate cereal (boys), Brandon went to work, peeled potatoes and started crockpot potato soup (you will want recipe…so good), went and checked out the house we will be moving into in a week (yeah!), came home, played some more (boys), each of the boys ate a whole PBJ sandwich, chips (yes I feed my boys chips) and a banana (only mention this because they NEVER eat that much), they pretended to nap, I uploaded pictures to the site where I am making some photo Christmas presents, it took forever so I was able to teach myself how to crochet in a round….putting into use my recently learned mad double crochet skills, boys wouldn’t nap but stayed in their room until they finally fell asleep 45 minutes before I needed them to get up so we could leave.  Went to our friend’s, Mike and Charity’s, for dinner (ate above mentioned potato soup), put boys to bed, watched Fred Clause (fun movie), hit a cat, came home, posted.  That was our day…. How was yours? 

See you tomorrow.

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didn’t, but almost. 

Cooked my first whole chicken … and pulling the giblets out of the carcass’ cavity made my gag reflex go into overdrive.  Not to mention the feel of the chicken’s skin… holding it in my hands to rinse it off made me think of a baby and washing my kiddos in the sink when they were itty bitty.. Then my mind made a million leaps to the chicken being alive and clucking around the barn yard. I was picturing it’s innocent face, as I put it into the roaster oven.  Gross, I know.  But honestly it was almost more then I could handle.  Too bad I have 3 more chickens in the freezer to cook. Stupid sale.  Who knew I would lose it over a chicken carcass.  Don’t know what I’ll be eating tonight but it probably won’t be that chicken.

On a side note…. for the last two months I haven’t had a stove or an oven and have had about 3 feet of counter space.  I have a two burner hot plate that I use and I have gotten pretty proficient at using my crockpot and Jenn’s electric skillet.  So what, you ask, am I cooking the chicken in?  An electric oven roaster my mom pulled our of her storage unit when she was here last. So today was a day of experiments…cooking my first whole chicken (disgusting) and using an electric oven roaster.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

thouse-003    thouse-002

It’s actually not as messy as it looks. Boxes on the left are filled with canned and boxed goods…a pantry if you will. Obviously, the right side is my counter space as well as drying rack and sink.  If you were standing in front of the sink and looking to the right you would see the hot water heater for the house.  There is about a foot and a half between the counter and my “pantry.”  It’s crowded but it works and you know what???? it hasn’t been that hard… mostly it has been home and once again God is teaching me flexibility and thankfulness.  We are so thankful for this temporary home that the God has given us through the Teague’s..

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Sometimes you can be rescued by the oddest things.  Since Brandon has gone back to work our bedtime routine has been in much need of an overhaul.  Because of our poop problems each boy has to take a seperate bath, Sloan likes a story and singing before bed and can handle staying up a little later, Sean likes singing but can’t hold still at that time of night to read a complete story, and Eyob is completely DONE after his bath. Eyob needs some good bonding time as I put him to bed, Sloan needs a little mommy time with our special songs and Sean needs fifty cups of appy juice (apple juice) at bedtime. 

As I get cups of appy juice and bottles ready before we head up stairs everynight, I steel myself for the torture that is to come.  I start Eyob in the bath while I try to keep Sean and Sloan from destroying Sloan’s room, I drain the tub spray it down and undress Sean all the while trying to keep a diaperless Eyob from peeing on the floor.  I get Sean in the tub, lube up Eyob with lotion, keeping an close eye on Sean who likes to enter and exit the tub at random.  Once Eyob is jammied up it is into the bathroom to soap up Sean and the routine continues until Sloan is properlly jammied and everyone is ready for bed.  It was much simpler when they were all contained in the tub at the same time.  Curse that giardia!  Then I would put Sloan and Sean into Sloan’s room while I sped through feeding Eyob and getting him down all the while wondering what kind of chaos Sean is creating because he is so ready for bed and alone with his brother.  Needless to say I have felt stretched beyond my flexibility and find myself frustrated and dreading bedtime every night, instead of looking forward to the quiet time it could give me with each of the boys. 

So last night I gave up another one of the expectations I had on myself to do it all without help and I cried out for Diego to rescue me!  I allowed the TV to babysit my kids for a half hour while I quietly put a much more satisfied Eyob to bed.  Because the older two boys were bathed and quietly watching an educational show (I might add for all of you judging me right now) I was able to even lay down on the bed with Eyob, stroke his face and sing him to sleep.  Then when I came downstairs to the other two, who were entranced with the African Safari, Seany crawled onto my lap and sat with me until it was over.  Because his touch tank was a little more full, he was much easier to put down and then I was able to read and sing to Sloan who put his arms around me and told me he loved to read and sing with me. 

Sometimes as moms we have to let go of what we think makes us a “good” mom and embrace the help around us, be it Diego or something else.  Often, I am so trapped by my own expectations that I cause myself more pain and in turn deprive my boys of the best I can be. So as Seany says, “Go Giego Go!  Giego mama Giego mama!  Which translated means, “Go Diego Go!  Vamos Diego Vamos!” 

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Thought I would update you on the poop problem at our house.  People keep asking so……. if you don’t care don’t read.  READ AT YOUR OWN RISK… Some might find that there is too  much information.

As most of you know, Eyob came home with giardia…. which I must say we were/are sooooo happy about.  I don’t think I have smelled anything so offensive as the “stuff” that has been coming out of my kiddos.  Anyway, we treated Eyob, but he continued to have symptoms and then Seany started.  Turns out giardia is very contagious, especially if you bathe your kids together, which we do.  (Thanks for telling me this Dr. P).  So on the second round, we treated Eyob and Sean with no change.  Our pediatrician then referred us to the University of Utah’s pediatric infectious disease dr.  So about a week ago I woke the boys up early from their naps (not a good idea, but I had no choice) drove the 45 minutes up to the U.  I didn’t know where I was going and I thought I gave myself plenty of time…. but I didn’t account for a blow out from one of the children.  I got out of the car in a very busy parking garage, told Sloan to stand right next to the car, strapped Eyob into the Ergo (best invention for hauling little children) and then got Sean out and told him to hold my hand …. Don’t worry all this detail has a purpose.  I noticed that Seany was walking funny and saying ouch!ouch!  and when I bent down to check him I realized why.  He had had a complete blow out and I hadn’t brought any other clothes.  What kind-of mom am I. I prepared dinner to be eaten in the car on the way home, I brought cups, and diapers all the essentials, but for a mom who has been knee deep in poop for months now,  I should have been prepared.  Keep in mind I am in a busy parking garage, minutes away from our appointment time, with one kid strapped on my front and another who has to pee.  Did I forget to mention that?  Sloan had been telling me for the last 10 minutes that he had to go.  So… I am beginning to sweat and trying to not lose my mind.  I help Sloan pee in the parking garage… I know not sanitary, but we were DESPERATE!  I put poopy Sean in our stroller hoping that he wouldn’t get anything on it, ignored the smell, grabbed a blanket and took off for the drs. 

When we got in… I had to check in at the counter with a smelly child.  The front office gal directed me to a very tiny bathroom where, I had to change Sloan out of a wet pull up, Seany out of disgusting clothes… into his diaper and one of the two shirts he had on.  I couldn’t do it with Eyob on my front so I put him in the stroller and changed the boys.  I felt like such a loser mother, as I rolled out of the bathroom with my child in only a diaper and t-shirt.  I was sweating and trying to hold it together.  Luckily the rest of the appointment went well.  Sloan and Sean sat quietly and ate snacks while I had to undress and hold Eyob while they checked him out.

Turns out that there are two parts to giardia, the ovum and the parasite and the meds that the boys were taking only treat the parasite.  SO the Dr. thinks they probably still have the ovum and Sloan probably has it, as well as, maybe B and I.  It is possible to have it without symptoms. He gave 9 vials and said I needed to collect 3 samples of poo per kid to make sure what we are really dealing with.  (I am pretty sure I know… LOTS OF POOP is what I am dealing with)  Needless to say, I was overjoyed.  Who wouldn’t be happy to dig around in their kids poo?  Did I mention that it is particularly foul? 

So after collecting the 9 vials I took it up to the local lab at our pediatricians office, who promptly told me that I was given the wrong vials and he doesn’t have enough of the right vials for me to take.  I was so upset.  Not only had I collected poo for nothing, the new vials come in a two pack so instead of 3 for each kid I need 6!!!!!!!  Well….. this is our current status…… I have now collected 6 samples for Sean and Eyob.  Just one more kiddo to go.  I won’t mention the fact that we have to collect for the adults in the home as well. (oops I guess I just did… no details coming).

SO there is my horrible giardia story. Hopefully, we can get us all on meds, rid our home of the plague, sanitize everything, and get back to the one or two poops a day way of life.  Hope I haven’t given you too many details, but I figured if you asked you should get the full story.     I guess these are 5 minutes of your life you will never get back, huh?

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Sloan, Sean, Eyob

Click on the pic to see more.
Here is a collection of pics taken this month. 

First, are my little cowboys.  We have a long sort-of space that runs from one end of the house to the other and the boys love, and I mean LOVE to run back and forth.  Often they just “race” or they have some kind-of game that they are playing.  Today was cowboy and as usual Sloan had all the good stuff.  He has his cowboy hat from Big Dave and Heather and he commandeered Eyob’s horse from Grandma and grandpa and poor Sean was left with nothing. So we found Sean a hat and he ran around like he had a horse.  They were making horse noises and saying, “Giddeeyup (no idea if I spelled that right).  It was so cute.  Eyob would make an attempt to chase the boys on all fours but after a while gave up and just watched.

The next set of pics are of the huge snow storm that hit on Wednesday before Valentine’s Day.  It wasn’t a ton of snow but the wind was blowing hard.  Brandon left work early (6:30pm) to make sure he could get home, but didn’t arrive until 11:30pm.  There were some people who were stranded at work until the next day and even some kids were stuck on their school bus.  It was an interesting evening.  I canceled MOPS the next day since the schools were delayed.  Eyob loves to check out what is going on outside. Often it looks like he is trying to plan his escape.  Either that or get someone on the “outside” to rescue him.  I think that is probably one thing he misses the most…. being outside.  I think in ET he spent 80 percent, if not more, of his time outside and he definitely hasn’t been able to be outside much at all since being here.  I think we are all going a little stir crazy!!!!!! 

The last group of pics are of the boys in our reading corner.  They love to sit back there.  Often if it gets really quiet, my heart will race and I will set out in search of some disaster only to find them back there reading.  I am so glad to have little readers.  Sloan even has a pooping book.  Thanks to Big Dave and Heather who gave him this awesome pop-up dinosaur book.  We get him situated on the toilet and then he will ask for his book and tell us to wait outside.  It really is the cutest thing…baring the offensive smell at the end.  Anyway… TMI I am sure.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

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Click on the pic for more.

I wasn’t quite sure how to describe Valentine’s Day to the boys, so I just called it Love day. Not very original but oh well… the best I could do on the spur of the moment. I have been reading them a collection of “love stories” all week and they have been eating it up.  One of them is called, “I Love You Stinky Face….”  In the story, as the mom is putting the little boy to bed, she tells him she loves him and he says, “But mama, but mama, what if I was a skunk and was really stinky or what if I was a cyclops and had one gigantic eye.  And the mom replies with all the things she would do for him because she loves him.  It is a great story and the boys want to read it every night.  Per as usual, Sloan always asks a ton of questions and Sean just keeps saying, But mama, but mama.  Eyob just crawls around ignoring us.  I think boys think about these kind of things.  They all have “What if?” senerios running through their heads.  I bet you have played this “game” with your spouse.  “Would you still love me if…. I lost half of my face in an accident?” or “Would you still love me if I talked like this… and then proceed to make the most annoying voice on the planet.” Please tell me you have played this game.  If not try it.  It’s always good for a laugh.

Anyway, the boys and I talked about who they love and they decided to make valentines for their grandparents and cousins. We had a good time putting on stickers and drawing. Sloan is such an independent little boy and didn’t want me to write anything on his…. until he saw me doing it for Sean.  This is the first time Sean sat through an entire “creative session.” Probably helped that Brandon was helping him.

  I think I am going to enforce that everyday is Love day around here.  I don’t do enough loving.  Sometimes I am too busy “surviving” to really love…… SO here’s to love day.

PS… grandparents you should recieve your valentines this week.. It’s never to late for love right?

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