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For Such A Time As This

It is so awesome to see how God works things out.  His hand is so evident in our lives if we just watch for it….. wait for it…..expect it.  Never in my life have I been so ready to see the Father “work it.”  Yeah, I am still struggling in areas of my life, we are still uncertain in our finances, mothering is still hard, BUT and it is a big BUT….instead of being afraid of all of that I am ready to see HIM bring it down. 

This is what I am talking about…..yesterday I started a new Beth Moore Bible study on the book of Esther.  I have been anticipating this study for a while, ready to get back in to the Word, and ready to have Beth Moore, bring it….. if you have done one of her studies and or have heard her speak you know what I mean.  Although I was looking forward to the study, I had no idea what direction it was going to take and how it was going to apply to my life and  I am doing the study at FBC so there is some trepidation for me in returning each week to a place of such hurt and disappointment (trusting that the Father knows why I am back and what He is going to use me for). 

Anyway, here are a few things that Beth Moore said…

1. in the book of Esther there is a total absence of any reference to God….(didn’t know that)….doesn’t mean that His Hand isn’t on it…after all it is part of God’s Word.

2. Esther provides an important perspective on the providence of God.  Providence being, “God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny.” God attends to the ordinary, seemingly trivial and mundane not just the momentous events and people. 

3.  There is as much to learn about God when He doesn’t make Himself known.  The character of the unseen God and his covenant is still carried out through the simpleness of life…..It is on purpose…there is no coincidence

4.  The absence of His name puts a God-ordained emphasis on the human responsibility.  Esther dealt with what we dealt with and she had a choice to make.  God is going to fullfill Christ’s destiny with or without me, but He isn’t going to fullfill mine with out me. 

     My words….. I have to jump on board, get committed, follow the Father.  Often it isn’t about seeing with my eyes, but seeing through faith….and believing that even when I can’t see/feel the Father….He is still there…So in those moments like the last year when it seemed as if God had jumped ship, like His name was not written in the story of my life doesn’t mean that His hand wasn’t on the story of my life.  He was there, but I had to trust what I knew about Him, I needed to contribute through my faith in Him and walk toward my destiny in Him holding His often unseen hand.  Last year, I was so afraid that things weren’t going to work out, I was crippled by the feeling that God didn’t care… and I thought I knew that because He wasn’t working everything out like I told Him to. I have based my belief in the Father’s care for me based on the actions I thought He should take. 

So as I sat there listening to Beth, yes we are on a first name basis, I kept reflecting on the last year of my life and how alone I felt, wishing that I had had this study to encourage me and wondering why now…….Well, I still don’t know the answer to that except that in hindsight I see that the Father was already beginning to show me these things.  He has already brought me through that season and maybe now He is going to reveal through this study and His Word the why…..and even if He doesn’t explain the why He is helping me articulate what He has already been ministering to and teaching me.  As Beth said, Esther is a book about tremendous hope.  I have been down that dark and lonely road making choices to keep God away and not choosing to see Him as He is, but no more……As it says in Hebrews 12:1…it is my race to run….and even when His presence isn’t visible it is still there as I step forward in faith walking into the destiny the Father is only going to fullfill with me.  Here I am, For Such A Time As This!!!!

Follow along with me on this journey through Esther….. I hope to update you as I move through.

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