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BackYard Adventures

Here are some pictures of the boys favorite place to play.  This company sells backyard play equipment and they have all of it set up in a large room including huge inflatable dinosaurs that you can slide on and jump around on…. get really tired on and then go home and take great naps….. So for 5 dollars a kid for 1.5 hours you can go and play.  The boys love it… even Eyob.  It has been especially wonderful because living in a townhome we don’t have a yard and because during the winter around here it isn’t as easy to get outside.  Speaking of which it is spring right?  There was snow on the ground when we woke up this morning.  It is supossed to be in the high 70’s tomorrow though.  Go figure!

Seany loves these little slides.  He gets going so fast and lands with such a thud that I am surprised it doesn’t hurt him.  They also love to climb up the big inflatable slides and then slide down over and over.  Forget the ladder…. the slide is better for climbing.  Sloan loves that his brother can do it with him now.

Eyob tries to climb up the slide because his big brothers are doing it.  He doesn’t make it that far but he doesn’t care.

Kind-of a WT hat huh?  I had them going around pretty fast on this, maybe that is why they look a little sick..

The pic of the two blond boys looks sweet, but it was taken right before Sloan gave his brother a nice shove down the slide.  It takes Eyob a while to get up the courage to do things but once he does he is gone.  This is one of the times he wasn’t sure he liked what I was trying to get him to do.


So Yeah for Backyard adventures!!!



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